The Energy Moves....  and you feel better.

Most people find this work to be deeply relaxing, quite fascinating in sensation, and profoundly healing. This is your opportunity to transcend your earthly conscious beliefs and come to perceive yourself as the Highly Evolved Divine Spiritual Being that you truly are. Each session, each clearing, each class is intended to be informative, truly life shifting, and of course, fun! (see testimonials)

Understanding the Energetic Anatomy, {the Chakras, Aura, Ida and Pingala, Air Pattern; Inner Female and Inner Male, Inner Sub-personalities, the Elementals: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether that make up the energy Meridians, and all the other patterns of Energy movement (and stuck-ness)} is KEY to understanding who you are: why you feel the way you feel; why you think the way you think; and how you perceive your place in Cosmic Consciousness: (connected or abandoned). Pretty significant, and most people have only "heard about the chakras."

Individual Sessions

Make the commitment to your own evolution and schedule some sacred time, just for you.

The energetic benefits begin when you schedule your session.  Let go of what no longer serves you, and breathe in what does.

Always, by appointment only.
See Registration and Guidelines.

What are Individual Sessions like?

This is your time to restore the balances of the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.  Many people report feeling these shifts in their physical body.

As a first time client remarked about his first session, "It's like the sky is bluer!"

Email your date, time, and place of birth when you book your session, to have your natal astrology chart. This allows us to look at your archetypal energetics.  (it's optional, no worries.)

You will have plenty of time to describe what brings you to this work, to get clear on your intentions for your session, with perhaps an introduction to energy work.   After we speak, you'll have time to relax and just breath, and unhook from the repetitions and stuck energy, to get some clarity on the deepest of levels.

Sometimes with the purity of silence, or with guided imagery; always interacting with your deepest energies; sometimes using sound, music, chimes, incense, and always, very high vibrational quartz crystals to amplify your session's  intention; together, we create the session of energy work perfect for you in the moment.

Check the Registration and Guidelines page for more on individual sessions.

Distance Sessions

All Energetic Anatomy Clearing and Repair transcends space, time and distance.  Effective across the room, or over great distances, there's really no difference.  Distance Healing is surprising effective. Clients report great results with Distance in the testimonials.

What are Individual Distance Session like?

Just call at your appointment time, and relax in your uninterrupted, (pet free, child free) quiet space. You may or may not wish to remain on the phone during your entire clearing, but we'll talk at the end of the session.  FACETIME is now an option. 

Some clients, especially new Distance Clients, are amazed to feel the energy move as the work proceeds, and that your practitioner can frequently, accurately describe the location and sensations you are experiencing. There is a physical empathetic piece to this work, which is to say that your practitioner can easily perceive your blocks via sensation in her own physical body. This assures quality work! 

At sessions end, you will have some finishing touches until any remaining blockages release and the energy field moves freely and clearly.

Clients report that they feel lighter, free of aches and pains, and that shifts in their consciousness have occurred; some unexpected, all for the better, many - very fascinating. 

Often too, friends of clients perceive and comment on the physical changes, asking, "What did you do? You look great!"   Click here to view client testimonials.

What you'll need:

  • Bring your pain, your issues, your hopes, and your humor!
  • A space where you can relax undisturbed, preferably with windows
  • A sense of direction of the room's windows; north, south, east, west, if possible. 

Distance Sessions for Others

Working through your energy field, going through your energetic fibers, often brings results to others.   In certain circumstances, you may schedule energy work for others through your own session, for example for your child, infirmed parent or spouse.  Read the testimonials about session work that embraces the needs of loved ones; sick, hospitalized, or distressed; and the added benefits for you, as you are supported to let go in healing ways, creating new sacred space for everyone's re-balancing.

NEW and FULL Moon Clearings

SPA Night for the SPIRIT 

Whether you are brand new to this work, a RYSE:Tools for Life three time graduate, or coming from another type of energetic study, these events are really fun opportunities to enjoy warm and humorous camaraderie with other like minded folks.   Come to either one, all of them, or just when you can.   Moon Clearings are the perfect clearing, any time. 

The evening generally includes an astrology reading for the New or Full Moon, and perhaps a brief look at where the moon, and transits are, in your chart.  You may choose to write a quick list of what you'd like to release, and where'd you like to experience some fresh energy alignment.

NEW:  Moon Event Clearings are now available in DISTANCE  format.  PAYPAL and NOW Conference Call-In.  People report amazing results!!  

Seating is limited to: 14 - Including Distance Clients. Seats go fast: Reserve your seat  today!   


New Moons are the time to activate the immutable laws: Law of Attraction,  Law of Allowing, and the Law of Intentional Creation, to set into motion your Cycles of Creativity and Cycles of Manifestation, so that you can align with and set into motion, the intention of what you truly want.   If you are not clear about what all this means, come along and grow in your understanding of how your Energetic Anatomy works; and get it  / you working.


Full Moons are the time to focus on your results activated in the last New Moon, whether or not you were conscious of doing that.  What are you manifesting in your life?  Is this what you want? Focus on how you can tweak your beliefs, attitudes, and ideas to bring in more unconditional love to yourself, and move into deeper levels of self-forgiveness.  Don't worry about all those other people you are "supposed to forgive," this is all about YOU. 

The full moon is the time for deepest gratitude, no matter how crazy it makes you feel!  You are not alone, and wild amusement around "what is" figures prominently in life's journey with yourself (and your inner sub-personalities) and others. 

Moon Clearings ARE designed to hold the integrity of your privacy; interpersonal sharing is minimal. Lots of giggling and excitement, and the energy clearing brings clarity, awe; and an opportunity for some very deep restorative relaxation. 

Part Informative, part educational, part guided meditative, all energetic clearing in nature; light and fun!  Occasional howling at the moon overheard upon client departure...

See Registration and Guidelines for more

Click here to view this year's Transformational Healing Center New, Full, Equinox, and Solstice Moon Clearing Schedule


Chakras, Etc. Classes

Chakras, Etc. Classes are usually in a series of six classes at 2.5 - 3 hours each. These are very popular and life changing, and people sign up for series after series after series. 

One client had scheduling conflicts, and didn't sign up for a series.  She returned to the next series stating, "It's better to miss a class, than not be in the classes."

Chakras, Etc. Classes are instructive, with no need to "share" or interact, or take notes.   Just relax and breathe in the information, either from flip charts, stories, analogies, or humorous antidotes. Outdated beliefs, attitudes, and ideas melt away.  Many issues facing class attendees are addressed, specifically, in a general, anonymous way, without anyone having to reveal any of their concerns.  In the early 80's we called this "channeled"  or "channeling."  Class members report that this often happens, and with uncanny accuracy.  

These Classes generally address a topic;  some aspect of the Energetic Anatomy, Astrology, Numerology, Tree of Life, The Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether; the link between Christian Traditions and the Chakra System, Tarot, Archetypes, Laws of Attraction, Intentional Creation, Allowing, Bill W. and the Energetic Journey, Healing Gems and Crystals or whatever topic urges to be taught to the next level.  

Always an Energetic Anatomy Clearing, usually seated.  

Attendees state that they feel better; that their lives shift, that they have more joy, worry less, and they notice great changes in the way they approach issues, situations, and relationships: with more Joy and Clarity.

RADIANCE: Calisthenics for the SPIRIT

These classes are designed to be member interactive, to build community, while being down-to-earth instructive, aligning, and FUN.  They are for EVERYONE who wants to FEEL BETTER, on every level.

Using Meditation/ guided imagery, simple and fun games, making our own Flash Cards for Alignment, the goal of this Spiritual Anatomy 101 is to learn about Energetics, using a more hands on, laid back, interactive approach.    

The goal of each exercise and class curriculum is to measurably build and strengthen the Intuition, Self-confidence, Self-Trust, and your awareness of your Energetic Anatomy Alignment, so you can more fully “TRUST the TRUTH Within YOU, and Act Upon It” in all your affairs.  

We will be broadening our knowledge base on “Spirituality” as it manifests on the Earth Plane, looking at, and learning about the CLASSIC ARCHETYPALS – because they all describe HOW and in WHAT WAYS Energy Manifests, or downloads into our everyday lives.  

We will be making a collection of ALIGNMENT FLASH CARDS, for your personal use in reviewing, learning, meditating, quick drawing- like angel cards,  and for OPENING up to more UNLIMITED POTENTIAL as you ponder the inter-connections of the curriculum over time.  Bring them home, and color them in, more.

Flash Cards Topics can include: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and the connection between all of these, The Energetic Anatomy and more.

Hands on Learning:  Intro to Polarity; Polarity Foot Massage; Intro to Cranial Sacral; Meridians and Elementals: The Fire, Earth, Air and Water Pathways and Tridosia's; Gems and Healing with Crystals; and more.

Classes are taught individually or in a series, at 2.5 to 3 hours each. Everyone is welcome.  Seats are limited, and reserved in advance.


RYSE®: Tools for Life

Relaxation and Renewal - FUN!

RYSE®: Tools for Life - Realizing Your Sublime Energies is a trademark of Nancy Risley, my long time teacher and mentor.

RYSE stands for "Realizing Your Sublime Energies" or "Realizing Your Sublime Energetics"

At last! The energy systems / meditation / clearing work that you really get. This is energy work at it’s finest, because you learn to clear yourself. The condition of your energetic anatomy determines the level of your wellness in every area of your life. Your spiritual and energetic anatomy is explained, and cleared enough so that you can actually perceive it. When your energy systems are clear and repaired, your whole life changes. How you gain and lose your life force through your choices then becomes obvious and you learn to make repairs yourself, using a 20 second meditation, that you can do anywhere!

RYSE® Tools for Life is four relaxing classes, of simple guided, experiential meditations and instruction, with deep energetic system clearings to support your spiritual and energetic anatomy; enough to be perceivable. Easy, fun, and empowering. 

Included in RYSE: Tools for Life

    • Nancy Risley's user friendly book RYSE: Tools for Life  explains how to clear, balance and repair the Spiritual Anatomy, (chakras, aura, more).
    • 5 CD’s: Risley's voice guides the progressive energetic clearing combined with crystal bowl healing sounds by Kris Stecker.
    • Four 50 minute deep energetic clearings; and many seated ones to balance your new wellness, into ease of use techniques
    • Unlimited "check in" Distance Healing adjustments in between classes from Suzanne
    • Continuing Ed. discounts on future RYSE attendance.  Many people return to RYSE to access next levels of wellness and alignment.
    • Access to RYSE: "Just for Grads" events
    • See Registration and Guidelines
      • Dartmouth employees get reimbursed $200 on their Wellness allowance. 
      • School systems are reimbursing for RYSE: Tools for life now too.. 
      • Check with your HR department.
      • RYSE Sampler's available -- Book one for your group or organization..
        • to watch the ad for Red Tent's RYSE Sampler held 11/3/2016.

Who Benefits from RYSE

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to FEEL BETTER:

Health care providers, teachers, business people, artists, musicians, healers and seekers of clarity and wellness. Perfect for team building for office staff, groups, and organizations.  Wonderful for anyone seeking to increase their effectiveness, maximize their energetic resourcefulness, increase abundance flow, and bliss out on joy and amusement.  

This class is perfect for everyone:  

  • people moving through grief, loss and pain; desiring acceptance, peace, and new possibilities
  • folks desiring new insights or direction
  • people looking for relationship recalibration, and love conceptual upgrades -- into JOY!
  • folks looking to release all the different forms of shame, while remaining amused
  • people ready for new self definition and self esteem leaps
  • people facing life challenges, or changes
  • healers, and serious students of spirituality
  • folks desiring physical, emotional, or spiritual recovery and evolution
  • business people desiring goal setting clarity
  • individual session clients ready for the next level of self-empowerment
  • people in recovery, looking for closer contact with a loving Higher Power
  • people looking for simple techniques for mindfulness and self-healing
  • people wanting new, fresh, joyful approaches to living
  • repeat RYSE grads, looking to "get it" to the next levels
  • seekers looking to work WITH the "inner committee" or "monkey minds" to increase productivity of awarenesses
  • people looking to feel amused and fascinated by life, while relaxing into each, aligning moment.....

Benefits of group format

This is a great opportunity to receive personal session work in a group format.  Total anonymity, and great cost savings too.  Meet other like minded individuals.

What is it like to attend RYSE

Just imagine the energy for clearing possible when a great group gets together with all their etheric “Guides, Teachers, Masters, Angels, and the Highest Guidance of RYSE®."  The depth of clearing that continually happens is profound.  {See testimonials}

Arrive planning to relax and enjoy some fascinating time just for your own renewal. 

Simple relaxed instruction on the Anatomy of the Spirit covers everything you need to know about your energy systems, and how to clear them, too. 

Then, you relax during the 50 minute clearing. This will free you to begin to perceive your energy systems, to stay aligned and stay on track to fully manifest your highest blueprint!  In short, you begin to FEEL BETTER, from the very first moment.

Again, see Registration and Guidelines page

What do people "get" from RYSE

No longer are you caught doing the same things over and over again, with dim understanding of what you are doing and great fear of truly finding out. 

By RYSE® 4, you will have much more awareness around how you lose, or give away, and how you retrieve and hold your power through your energy systems.

You will have real tools to discern better choices that empower you.   By following your awakened trust of your own inner truth, you can create the life that you want.


Trying to get / be / do good enough  as a human being, to be "Spiritual", isn't very effective, for so many reasons; non-resourceful repetitions being just one.

Think of yourself as an Spiritual Being, with a real Energetic Anatomy, like a "working appliance of life force".  Learn, with RYSE: Tools for Life, to keep the filters clean and the moving parts oiled, and the extension cords plugged in!!  These simple fixes, make all the difference. 

Clear, balance and align your Energetic Anatomy, using the simple techniques learned in RYSE.  The classes and individual session work, and the Moon Events, all support wellness repetitions of the new information, and Energetic Shifts continue to happen, moving you forward in comfortable ways, that are easy to assimilate.

Amusement reigns! Energetic Awareness isn't personal, so transformation actually gets to be fun, once you realize that nothing is evidence of your badness, it’s just stuck energy trying to get your attention. 

RYSE® is the users manual for the Energetic Anatomy machine of holding life force.  RYSE teaches you how to easily and effortlessly get all your energy flowing again, with compassion for self and others.

Call or email for information and to register to reserve your seat in the next series of RYSE® classes.

RYSE: Tools for Life - For GRADS Only

RYSE Grads sometimes request their own sacred space to go to the next levels in deeper ways.  RYSE: For GRADS Only Clearings meets this need, by offering energetic anatomy clearings using Nancy Risley's 50 minute CD's with accompaniment of Kris Stecker's Crystal Bowls of Sound Healing Frequencies, from the RYSE I, II, III, and IV classes.  This is the clearing part of RYSE  ~ONLY~.   These events are scheduled for two hours approximate, to take your RYSE experience to deeper energetic levels.  This is a time for building community, to create together a "Mass Mind Consciousness" of FUN, with others who are serious about moving into clearer alignment, for full manifestation of the lives we all truly want to have.   The more the merrier! These events fill up quickly, so reserve your seats asap.

See calendar for scheduled events. Click here to view

Home, Business, Life Clearings

As you continue on your journey, stay in touch.  Energetic home and business clearings are another way to evolve your energetic systems, as you stay clear, and current with your evolving chakras, aura, and more. Helps you to identify and solve problem areas in your home, business, and life in a more concrete way.  Simple re-placement of your treasures, and support to release what no longer serves you, helps your home and business to attract more of what you really want!

Astrology Charts

  • With just your birth date, time, and place, we can run a computer generated Natal Astrology chart for you.
  • Many of our clients choose to have their charts on file here for use in their individual and group clearings.
  • Charts are not required for services.

Out of Towner's Retreats

Schedule some Sacred Retreat Time for you, friends and family. Enjoy private group or individual classes and clearings.

Personalized packages of all types, including the "3 sessions over 3 days" retreat. You can combine energy work, classes, and hands on massage, from other local practitioners, (RYSE Grads) according to your needs. Get some rest and have some fun! 

Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee, VT is water front lodging, with indoor pool, exercise equipment, golfing, hiking and even a waterfall near by.  Other quaint Inns abound, too.  Dartmouth College and Skiway, is just 12 minutes away.  Locally, enjoy contra dance, theater, movies, shopping, the local gem shop, hiking, thrift shops, and the Vermont scenery, along with no traffic and plenty of parking.

From Boston, just 2.5 hour drive.  Airports in Lebanon, NH (20 minutes)  and Manchester, NH, (one hour) away.    

Call or email to create the perfect healing get away package, just for you.   Advanced booking required.

Gift Certificates

  • The perfect gift for friends and family.
  • Receive a nice discount on your next individual session for purchasing a gift certificate.


  • Receive a discount on your next individual session for your referrals.

Referrals for Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions

Once your energetic systems are cleared, aligned and balanced, you will have much more energy to joyfully create the life you truly want.

We encourage you to select a holistic team to support all of your life’s varied aspects. Why not?

We can support you in your evolution by providing referrals to other services, programs, people, retreats, experiences, and resources, to support every level of your growth, wellness, and amusement in your life’s journey.