What you need to know:

Preparing for your Energy Clearings

Clothes, Tips, Times and Temperature

For all Services

  • Individual sessions
  • Classes
  • Moon Clearings
  • RYSE®: Tools for Life Classes
  • Home, Business, Life Clearings
  • Astrology Charts and Consults
  • Fairs and Events
  • Coming to You

Please read: TIPS


  • Everything is held indoors, with easy parking, ample lighting, bathroom. (2 steps, no ramp) 
    • Please remain on the sanded paths in winter.
    • Request a flashlight or assistance anytime.
  • Stackable plastic chairs, pillows, mats, and standard polarity tables provided.
    • White, communal, cotton blankets are provided, but you may bring your own.
    • Floor-softening, high density foam mats are provided.
    • Rooms have padded white wool carpeting. 
  • Groups may (prior) request moving chairs outside by the pond for a seated clearings.
    • Campfire may be requested in advance, fire warden permitting.
  • Individual sessions are held in the WHITE building.
  • Classes / events are held in the RED building.


  • Please wear white, or light colored, comfortable clothes;  dressing in layers. Socks.
    • Dense energy sticks to dark colors, and it is harder to see to remove.
  • Clean feet, minimal makeup.
  • Minimal jewelry. Metals holds energy. Less is more.
    • Bring jewelry to your individual session to be cleared, separate from your body.
  • Please no perfumes, or heavy scents of any kind.


  • Classroom (heated) temperature fluctuates. Dress in layers.
    • Group events: room will be cold to get the energy moving as fast as possible, winter and summer. 
    • Individual events: can also be on the cooler side, too. 

Important Clarity Guides:

Wisdom evolves through the richness of experience:
  • Please arrive on time.  Text if you absolutely must be late.  See cancellation policy below.
  • Please do not consume alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs, well prior to any attendance.
    • Only bring clear drinking water into energy work spaces, please.
    • Please do not touch the crystals, or the CD player.
    • Please do not "help yourself" to CD sets; they will be presented, when the time is right.
    • Please do not sit up on the counters, or on the tables, or on the still stacked chairs.
    • No; Gentleman are requested to use the INDOOR facilities.
  • Chemical, Light, Sound, Food Sensitivity
  • Please, no perfumes, or scents, including perfumed hand lotion. 
    • Light Incense and small tea candles are used to clear the room prior and during class.
    • Occasionally there are fresh flowers.
    • Occasionally almonds, grapes, sesame sticks, and chocolates are provided.
    • I may ring a bell, chime, or activate a soothing sound.
    • Please contact THC in advance if sensitivity to any of these items are a concern for you.
  • If you are pregnant, please do let me know.  Some contra-indications exist for first trimester.
  • If you have any illness, or diagnosis, physical or other, that can be confidentially disclosed, so that you may be cared for appropriately; please do, including any helpful contact person's name and phone number. 
  • Do not stop taking any prescribed medications "because you feel better" without consulting first, and only with, the supervision and support of your medical professional team.
  • Consider drinking plenty of fresh water in the days before and after all events.  
  • Relax, breathe, and enjoy!           


  • All sessions, clearings, events and classes are personal and confidential.
  • All classes are with reserved seating.
  • All sessions are by confirmed appointment only.
  • Choose the service that appeals to you; call or email today to reserve your place or time.   
    • You may receive one confirmation email from me, and if you don't, please email again.
      • DO double check that I know you are coming.
      • Once your appointment / seat is confirmed, reminders are NOT generally sent.
  • Please see: 48 hours cancellation agreement below.


  • All MIRACLES are free. Take as many as you can. Come back for more. Bring friends.
    • Fees are  just to ensure my time, the utilities, and my continuing education. 
    • Tipping is a welcomed and encouraged form of gratitude, but is not required.
    • Sliding fees are a guideline; feel free to give more.  More is returned to you.
  • Your referrals are greatly appreciated and are priceless!
  • Sliding fees are available for all services, with your commitment to this work. 
  • Barters must be complete, prior to services rendered here.
  • Sessions / Classes / Moons paid at arrival: cash, check
  • Distance sessions are paid in advance, by check or SQUARE.
These fees are subject to change without notice.  See current ads.
    • Individual sessions:  $200.00 for 2+ hours
    • Distance sessions:   $200.00 for 2+ hours
    • Home, Business:      $200.00 per visit; plus mileage may vary, depending on travel time.
    • Polarity Classic:          $60.00 to $120.00 sliding for 1+hour
    • Moon Clearings:         $25.00 to $100.00 sliding fee - group work - 2-3 hours
    • Classes:                     $25.00  each or by the series price
    • RYSE: Tools for Life $650.00 to $850.00 sliding
    •                                   $550.00 retakes  
    • RYSE: Just for Grads CD Clearings: $77.00 to $100.00 sliding fee
    • Astrology Charts:
      • Natal Astrology Chart and Grid - $20.00. {Included in session work}
      • Narrative of your chart -               $10.00 emailed, not printed.
      • Narrative of your chart -                $20.00 printed
      • LLewelyn Astrological Calendars available / order - well below retail
  • Gift certificates available for all classes, sessions, and charts

Sessions: Sacred Time, Just for You!

        Individual Energy Clearing Consults  

  • Sessions are 2 hours, and  may run over.  If you have time constraints, inform me at arrival. I am more interested in moving energy, than keeping to the clock.
  • First sessions may focus on your personal history, creating a genogram.
    • This clears your Base and Second Chakras and helps you to recognize repetitive patterns.
  • Your astrology chart (optional) is useful for looking at your experience of Energetic Patterns.
    • see Astrology Charts
  • You will have ample opportunity to share what brings you to do this work, what your goals are for this work, and for getting clear about what will move you forward now.
  • During these conversations, your Energetic Anatomy is observed and cleared, bringing clarity to your thoughts, supporting the release of emotion, and opening you up to receive new energy now.
  • You may lie on a standard polarity table, or floor mat, or remain seated, always fully clothed, for your energy clearing; your choice.
  • Quartz crystals are often placed on the chakras.
  • Sessions are generally hands off, because the energy moves faster. The exception is Polarity Classic.
  • Abbreviated sessions are not available, but you may attend a Moon clearing. 
  • Sliding fee arrangements are available for those interested in booking a series of sessions, without cancellation.
  • Regular, consistent clients also receive as needed "energy tweeking" in between sessions, via distance work, at no additional charge. 
  • 48 hours cancellation policies apply.  See below.

        Polarity Classic

  • Sessions are 1 hour to 1hr. 15 minutes, and do not run over. 
  • Sessions are hands on, on the polarity table, fully clothed, generally with quartz crystals.
  • These sessions are deeply relaxing and very aligning.
  • This work may also be included as part of a 2 hour consult.
  • 48 hours cancellation policies apply.  See below.

        Distance Energy Clearing Consults

  • Sessions are 2 hours.
  • Solves all the geography challenges, cold and flu interferences, and the inclement weather issues. 
  • Informative, deeply relaxing, and very effective.
  • Works with members of your family, and loved ones
  • See testimonials page.
  • 48 hours cancellation policies apply.  See below.

        Home, Business, Life Clearings

  • Ready to take the rest of your life forward?
  • Moving Energy in your home and business results in great changes on every level.
  • Don't clean!! I will come to your home or business and clear the energy, as is.. 
  • Energetic changes after a clearing are numerous.
  • Notice how easy it is to clean and get rid of old unwanted stuff, after a house / business clearing! 
  • Read the testimonials... more new ones coming in, all the time.

Classes and Events

RYSE® Tools for Life!  

  • Please arrive ten minutes early for class. The doors will be open for you to change, powder, go in and get settled.  Starting together supports the building of class energetic unity. Class will begin promptly at start time. Everyone is connected to the highest energies upon entering the meditative space.
    • RYSE®: Tools for Life - Realizing Your Sublime Energies is a trademark of Nancy Risley
    • Classes are taken sequentially, without absences.
      • In the event of an unavoidable absence, with prior instructor approval, you may be permitted to “jump in” to another class sequentially within a two-month window, or it may be suggested that your class be re-started due to the continuing nature of building energy and class cohesiveness. 
      • Students work together with scheduling flexibility to make it work for each other.
  • So much more than a relaxation class, the 50 minute energy system clearing during each class is a wonderfully restorative. Just breathe; it's really fun.
  • This is deep personal work in a group format. You will not be sharing, yet all your personal issues will be addressed confidentially.
  • Format is casual instruction on personal, relationship, and societal energetic patterns, including self-clearing exercises and lots of fun mini clearings that support your perceiving your Energetic Anatomy. 
  • Individual Sessions discounts available during enrollment in RYSE® class.
  • Many RYSE® Grads attend more than one RYSE series.
  • Deposit is required to order RYSE: Tools for Life book / CD's.
  • Payment plans available. 
  • Payment please at the beginning of each class.
  • Balance paid in full before the last class.
  • Dartmouth College reimburses $200. toward RYSE under their WELLNESS program; including retakes every year.  School systems reimburse, too. Check your HR department for your company's plan.

CHAKRAS, Etc. Classes

  • These classes are instruction and clearing. Sit back and relax.  No need to share.
  • There will be an energetic read of the group, and individual issues are often addressed without disclosing who belongs to what issue.  
  • People report feeling better, sleeping better, and shifting beliefs, attitudes and ideas resulting in less stressful, more peaceful living. 
  • The topics covered describe the Archetypal Energetics that influence living for all of us.
  • Understanding Archetypes is helpful to understanding that our lives have little to do with us.  It's all energy, and our only job is to learn how to manage our Energetic Anatomy.  How we hold, and lose life force is everything.
  • Wear white, etc. See Tips.

RADIANCE: Calisthenics for the SPIRIT

  • These classes are interactive, and are designed to build community.  Take part in the fun exercises and get to know other like minded, lovely people of all ages and professions.
  • Classes are designed to build up your Spiritual Muscles in measurable ways. 
  • For Intuitive Strength Training, exercises increase your Intuition; your inner knowing self-confidence, and your self-trust for decision making.
  • Always the goal: to build understanding of how we hold and lose life force in the Energetic Anatomy. 
  • We will be using a little guided Meditation to clear those Chakras / Aura, etc, then some fun activities, and a closing quick clearing.
  • Expect lots of laughter and FUN!
  • Some hands on topics to broaden our knowledge base on "Spirituality" will include the topics of interest list above.


  • Whenever possible, we will be making and adding to a set of Flash Cards for Alignment to use for:
    • Reviewing, learning, knowledge base increasing
    • Meditation
    • Quick Drawing: like angel cards, "What shall I be pondering now?"
    • Opening up to more unlimited potential, as you ponder all the interconnections of energy
    • Using the Archetypal Energies from:
      • Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, the Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, Energy Meridians
  • See Calendar for upcoming events

NEW & FULL MOON Clearings / Equinox's

    SPA NIGHT for the SPIRIT!!

  • Join in on the FUN with a community of people committed to their energetic evolution!
  • See Tips
  • See Services page

RYSE: Tools for Life® - CD Clearing

  • For RYSE Grads ONLY
  • Recharge your RYSE Class experience!
  • This is JUST THE CLEARING - using Nancy Risley's 50 minute CD's 
  • One CD per Clearing Date
  • Attend any one you want, just one, or all of them.
  • Length: 2.5 to 3 hours
  • See Calendar

Topics of Interest List for Events and Classes 

        Do you prefer night time classes?? Days? Afternoons for mornings? At Lunch?

        Any of these of interest to you? I'm happy to tailor class topic and times, to meet your needs:

  • Releasing Burnout Response using Ancient Wellness / Mindfulness Techniques
  • Quick Meditations for Joyfulness
  • The Energetic Anatomy: Chakras, Aura, Ida / Pingala, Air Pattern, Inner Female / Inner Male
  • Perceiving and Repairing the Energetic Anatomy
  • Energetic Meridians: Acupressure Points along the Energetic Pathways
  • Energy Elementals: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Ether 
  • Polarity Yoga
  • Astrology: Houses, Planets, Signs, Aspects * Asteroids
  • Tarot: Our Archetypal Journeys
  • Numerology
  • Archetypal Symbols and Sacred Contracts
  • The Intersection and overlap of Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology
  • Dream Interpretation Method
  • Intuition Strengthening
  • Strengthening and Growing in "The Clairs..."
    • clairaudience, hearing your "inner voice of knowing"
    • clairsentience, feeling what is your next right thing to do
  • Speaking Up: Saying what you need to say, telepathically and energetically
  • Gemstones, Crystals and Healing
  • Gemstones and Jewelry: Shopping for Enlightenment!
  • Sound Healing
  • Pendulums, Dowsing and Discerning with your Will Center (Gut
  • Polarity Therapy: Cranio-sacral, Meridians, Crystals on Chakras, Foot Reflexology
  • Forgiveness: The New "To Do" & Secret Shame when you won't / shouldn't: What to do?
  • Bill W. , The 12 Steps and Accessing that 4th Dimension Energetically, Intentionally
  • Mediumship and Psychic Development
  • Stone Chambers, Calendar Sites, Balance Rocks, Standing Stones and Circles
  • Ley Lines, Energy Grids and Earth's Energy Vortices
  • Temple Building (Thanks, Freddy Silva)
  • Field Trips for Enlightenment: 
      • Best Crystal and Gem places 
      • America's Stonehenge
      • Turtle Mound
      • Path of Life
      • Druid's Circles
      • Stone Chambers and Equinox Marker sites
      • Ancient Sites: Relics to Museum visit
  • Getting together for Timely Topics Video presentations

Astrology Charts

  • Date, time, and place of birth required for Natal Astrology Chart and Grid
  • Your Astrology chart can be used for future personalized energetic clearings and classes
  • Your Natal and Transits charts are available and included in session / class price
  • Charts make great gifts, order a gift certificate today.

LLEWLYN Astrological Calendars

  • In November / December, I order LLEWLYN Astrological Calendars at a discount for my clients - order some!

Events and Fairs

  • Please include me in your next community event. 
  • TBA - see Calendar

Coming to You

  • Put together a group of friends and family for some fun, and I am happy to come and do a mini class and deep clearing.

Cancellation Policy

  • THC reserves the right to reschedule, or cancel class / session time as needed, on short notice, and with sincerest apologies. 

For Individual Sessions:  These include Consults, Polarity Classic, Distance Work, Home, Business Clearings, Astrology / Tarot, any "One on One" prescheduled time:

  • To keep costs down, THC does not make reminder calls prior to your session.  Your session is confirmed at scheduling, either verbally or by email. 
  • If you need to reschedule or miss your session, please plan to honor the standard 48 hour cancellation policy by phone and email.  Payment for services scheduled is expected for missed or cancelled time, once within the  48 hours prior to your session / appointment -> to the minute
    • If you cancel your session time, during the period 48 hours prior to your committed session, for any reason, you are still financially responsible for the fee for that time, whether or not you choose to actively participate in that energetic clearing window of time.
    • Much energy goes out to my clients during the days prior to their session, in preparation for that session. That time is held sacred just for you.  Commitment merits compensation for the energy, attention, and support for your well being.
    • If you forget your session time, or do not show up, every effort will be made to reach you by phone, text, and email.  If you cannot be reached, your session is still held, and your energetics are cleared, holding you in the highest Love and Light via Distance Energy work for the time scheduled.  Your time is held for you energetically; you are responsible for fees.
  • Distance Healing solves all the issues of inclement weather, poor driving conditions, transportation glitches, mobility factors, and cold season desires to stay home.  Relax! You can still keep your scheduled appointment; clarity and healing awaits ~ just a phone call away, where ever you are!!  If you cannot make it physically, phone in for your session time, and enjoy Distance Work.
  • Money paid in advance of a session that is cancelled with notice greater than 48 hours can be applied to another re-scheduled session.
  • If you miss a session that you've scheduled, you can relax into the additional support of pre-payment for future sessions.
  • Every effort is made to meet life's unexpected twists, but your scheduled time is sacred, and it is yours.  Let's work together.

Promises and Disclaimers:

This is a great quote, and I don't know who said it:
  • "I humbly offer, that I have been given a fabulous gift for healing and insight: Yet this flows through a human vessel.  It is your responsibility to discern what is right and true for you.  Remember that healing takes many forms; some seen, some unseen. I am here to offer what I have been given.  YOU are the Master Healer and Teacher of your own life."
Refund Policy
  • Money paid for services that cannot be completed due to circumstances approved by THC may be applied to other services, within a two-month period. RYSE® class money is non-refundable. Money paid for sessions completed is non-refundable.


  • Transformational Healing Center, and / or any individuals at THC, do not diagnose, prescribe, or claim to heal any specific ailments or diseases or conditions.  All services are for purposes of relaxation, stress reduction, and fun. All clients are required to seek appropriate medical, psychological and other forms of appropriate attention from licensed medical (and other) professionals.
  • Do not stop taking any medications "because you feel better" without medical supervision.
  • We can only share our stories and testimonials of what our clients say.
  • In the event of an emergency, please call 911 or go directly to your local hospital emergency room for treatment, and follow your doctor’s recommendations.