Energetic Benefits

Clients Write In...

....that they continue getting great results:
  • Energy work is FUN.
  • They feel better.
  • They are sleeping better.
  • Life is going better, all around....
  • "Lost," and Stuck ~ to ~ Clarity, Joy, Inspiration
  • Infertility   ~ to ~  Children and families
  • Depressions ~  Lifting into ~ Clarity and Optimism
  • Pain: Physical, Emotional, Mental, ~ to ~ Spiritual Releases
  • Grief, Loss ~ to  ~ Healing and Hope, with Direction
  • Surgery: Support prior, during ~ for ~ Quick Recovery's
  • Betrayals   ~ to ~ Freedom and Gratitude
  • Phobias, Anxieties, Fears ~ to ~ Freedom
  • Active Addictions ~ to ~ Balanced Recovery 
  • Weight Loss ~ failed attempts ~ to ~ Successes
  • Self Shaming ~ to~ Amused Noticing
  • Overwhelm ~to~ Inspiration
  • Recovery Blocks ~ Shifts of Perception
  • Resenting Oppressing Religion ~to~ Opening to Uplifting Sense of New Spirituality
  • Power Struggles with self and others~ to ~ Releases and Humorous Acceptance 
  • Dis-ease and dis-comforts  ~to~ Releases and Transformations 
  • Homes ~  Stuck,Trapped Energy  ~  to ~  Cleared and Comfortable

Really, DO read the Testimonials

Intro to Energy Work

An Analogy:

Imagine that you live in a house that has never been cleaned; never had the trash taken out, never had anything tossed out of the refrigerator, (and you don't even know if it's running,) never unplugged a sink, or replaced a burned out light bulb; and never had the windows opened.  Imagine, eventually, that you can't get any new groceries in through the door.

How would you feel, living like that?

If you don't know about The Energetic Anatomy, and if no one is clearing and repairing yours for you; if you don't know how to  "clear yourself, energetically,"  it's no wonder that you might feel overwhelmed and bogged down, no matter how good you might LOOK from the outside.

Energy Work takes out the trash, dejunks, wipes down the counters, walls and woodwork, open and washes all the windows, cleans the floors and bathrooms; changes the bed linens, sorts, organizes, and removes MORE of what you don't need, and you don't even need to know what's been eliminated.

Once the Energy Systems start to get the hang of feeling better, more clearing adds fresh flowers in every room, and fills the house with clean fresh air and beautiful music. With repeated clearings, you get a new paint job throughout, and the hardwood floors get sanded and refinished too.  The whole place feels better, gains value, and is a delight!

And whattya' know?  Your whole life just changes.  Situations shift.  Dynamics change.  Miracles happen.  Opportunity knocks.  Gifts start getting delivered.  You feel a whole lot better.  Life feels good.

Your family behaves better. 

Clients write me the most fascinating letters, after the very first session: "It's like the sky was bluer."   That's one of my favorites..

Your friends begin to notice that you LOOK better.  That you are changing for the better.  That you are more relaxed, funnier, calmer, more serene.  And they ask you what you are doing.   What do you say?   This is one of the funniest moments from a marketing perspective.   

"What did you tell your friend about this work?"  I ask them.

"Well, uh, I um, don't know what to say.  What do you do?  I mean, I just feel better. How is this happening?"

Indeed.  How does one describe "I've been having my Energetic Anatomy cleared, balanced and aligned!" ???

RYSE® Tools for Life gives you the know-how (back to our house analogy...) to work the vacuum cleaner, the spray cleaner bottle and the disinfectant, all by yourself.

Some clients are all set, preferring to do their own “cleaning”; some clients want me to come before AND after the relatives visit; some clients want the service twice a month, others, every week.   But everyone learns to CLEAR THEIR ENERGETIC ANATOMY -- all the time...

Kind of like Kegels at every red light, whether you need them or not,  you just do them.  Like brushing your teeth.  You just do it. Floss, too, wouldja'?  It doesn't matter how you FEEL about doing it.  Just DO IT.

You just raise your frequency, and clear your Chakras, Aura, Ida and Pingala, Air Pattern, Inner Female, Inner Male, merge and breathe them in. 

How do you raise your frequency?  Well, you certainly know how to lower it, right?  By letting your inner critic tear you apart, just for one example.. It's the exact opposite of that.   Remember Harry Potter trying to conjure a Patronus?  He needed  Professor Lupin's help.  Well, take the RYSE:Tools for Life class, and you will learn so many good things....  

Energy work is not a thinking event. It occurs in a realm that is beyond the words we have to describe it. Once you have experienced and felt a clearing, you will better understand the words I am using, like Alignment, and Clarity, to describe this fascinating process.  

You just feel different, in subtle ways, in a good way.  Maybe you can't put your finger on it after just once. Maybe you need to come MORE than once.  How often would you show up if you KNEW it would really work, and if you didn't really have a choice other than to MAKE it work? 

Think about Harry Potter and those Dementors. {You can google these words if you don't speak fluent Harry Potter.}   Harry HAD to learn how to conjure a Patronus, because those Dementors just kept showing up, sucking the joy out of him, bringing up all his worst memories.   Are we not our own Dementors? How often are you too hard on yourself? How often do we relive the unpleasant past?  Does that bring joy?  We can be clearing our Energetic Anatomy instead.   There's a thought.  We can shift from our repetitive patterns of thought into resourceful clearing.  

It's really hard to do when you have unhealed trauma on board.

Have you every heard your HEART say to your HEAD,  "I'd be happier if YOU had better thoughts...  Can't you do some of those positive affirmations? You're always thinking so negatively!"    And your HEAD says to your HEART, "Yeah, well, sure.  Blame me. It's not MY fault... You are always caught up in all that wishful emotionalism.  It's too late to have a happy perfect past."   The fact that they are both right doesn't help us very much either. 

Many people carry pain and baggage from their past and current life challenges.  This can limit one's perception of the gifts one has and limit one's connection to the world around, and to the higher realms; just like living in a messy house, with the shades down all year round.  Can't see the sun.

We are “Forever Spiritual Beings” in a human form; instead of humans beings forever trying to get.good enough to be spiritual.

Google "SPIRITUAL"---   Those definitions don't say a word about the Energy Systems.  No wonder we have so much trouble getting to WELLNESS...     You just can't feel good with gummed up filters, screens, and junk clogging up your Energetic Anatomy, no matter how hard you try.

If you are reading this, you have probably been trying your best already, to get good enough, and maybe you have achieved some success. 

Do you ever feel like, "Is this IT?  Really? Is this all there is?" 

"Anatomy of the Spirit," a genius expression coined by Carolyn Myss, and "Energetic Anatomy" is a spin off of that.  All great words, and engaging reading.   But no where does it tell you HOW to USE IT.   And with your systems gummed up, you can't raise your frequency high enough to un-gum yourself up.    

Think of it this way: while you're learning to ride a bike, you can't ALSO be the person holding the back of the seat and one handle bar to help you stay up long enough to get the hang of staying up. It's okay to ask for some help. 

I believe that WELLNESS is a fluid balance of body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and transformation and evolution are inevitable. Stuck energy, however, can really gum up the works, and slow things down - a LOT - but help can be had to get things moving again; and faster.

Regular energy work keeps us on track, and moving along nicely, once we learn how to perceive and clear, de-junk, and repair our Energetic Anatomy; the HOME of our SPIRIT.

All people have incredible strengths and gifts and intelligence and talents; and Guidance, just waiting to assist them.  Open the shades, let the light in! Venture out!  Clean and dejunk and paint! AHHH!  Feels so much better to FEEL BETTER.

Who Benefits from Energy Work 

Everyone! Teachers, nurses and health practitioners, therapists, business people, artists, massage therapists, self employed folks, professionals, laborers, people who work with the public, work alone; children, retired, free lancers and free spirits; people in recovery of all types, addictions and more; including facing surgery, and even during surgery. People who want to slow down and relax; people who feel they need to get going; and everyone in between.

Pets, houses, places, things, ideas wanting to be launched, projects, and situations needing to be let go of, have also all benefited from energetic clearing.  The list is endless.   Energy clearing is wonderful. 

Are YOU ready to FEEL BETTER ??? 

Benefits of Energy Work

The basic premise of Energy Work is that we are Forever Spiritual Beings, complete with a Spiritual Anatomy, through which highest cosmic energy, or life force, steps down into the lower vibrations through the chakras, aura, and meridians or pathways, down into the human body, so that we can have human experience on the Earth Plane. We are Forever Spiritual Beings in a human form, not Human Beings forever trying to be Spiritual.  Have I mentioned that? It bears repetition. 

Due to wear and tear of living, this Energetic Anatomy develops rips, holes, tears, clogs, blocks and general lack of luster and health. This costs us valuable life force that we could be using to create the lives we want.  Like a bucket with a hole in it. 

Energy work clears, balances, aligns, repairs, refreshes and energizes this Spiritual Anatomy, and the difference is noticeable! The benefits of energy work are many. You will find these benefits described throughout this web site, directly, as in the client testimonials, and indirectly, everywhere else in-between the lines. Energy work is a great next step for those in recovery from living! Consider these Energetic Possibilities:

  • Release the complicating cords of relationships, past and present
  • Release the charge of traumatic events, leaving easy access to the WISDOM from the experience
  • Re-frame and heal past and present life conflicts
  • Know when you are giving your power away and know how to call it back
  • Shift perception from “evidence of your badness” into “good information for you”
  • Have you ever felt / heard "The Committee In Your Head"? Those inner critics?  Heal, calm, and infuse joy into your inner baby, inner child, and inner adolescent parts of yourself
  • Clear and heal your inner male and inner female parts of yourself; upgrading the inner dialog
  • Raise the frequency of your inner male and inner female to evolve and empower them into being your Inner God and Inner Goddess
  • Perceive your Highest Guidance
  • Release what no longer serves you and breathe in exactly what does (and you don’t even need to know what that is ...)
  • Release expectations
  • Trust your truth and act upon it
  • Call all your energy systems back into present time and,
  • Gain clarity in the Now
  • Bliss out on amusement!

Clients state that after a clearing they feel;

  • Physically lighter, as if weight and heaviness has been lifted
  • Clarity, as if for the first time, they Know their “correct next right thing” course of action and,
  • Amused, refreshed, and relaxed.
  • Click here to see what else they are saying..
When the Energetic Anatomy system is Cleared, Balanced and Aligned, don't be surprised if "The Clairs" start showing up in your life:

The Clairs:  Gifts of Alignment - for everyone!

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary

This book gives some pretty great definitions of the types of openings that people experience, and that many of my clients report experiencing, "sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly," but they do materialize, as you hold your alignment and learn more about the Energetic Anatomy.    [See the testimonials page]

Everyone is psychic.  Everyone has experienced "things." Everyone has intuition, inner knowing, and can learn to Trust the Truth within them, to the next levels.

"The Clairs" are just another way of saying: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Knowing, Smelling, Tasting, and perceiving information, and knowing how to move a little energy in response.  No big deal.

As you strengthen your Energetic Anatomy, (a phrase coined by Carolyn Myss) you develop these skills to the next level, and trusting yourself, that strengthens your Energetic Anatomy more.


"(French, "clear audio") to perceive sounds or words when no person present is speaking or no article is causing the disturbance; sounds that are inaudible to the normal hearing range appear to come from "within the head" or from "out in the atmosphere," perceived singly; 1. types: (b.)profound words, whole sentences, ...other.. that portray a message: etheric world intelligences transmit impressions in the head that can be "heard""1


"1. a psychic who, knowingly or unknowingly, senses within their body, the attitudes, feelings, or emotions of another person and can recognize it as not their own; uses this psychic information to help and guide the other person... 2. a psychic who senses the feelings and emotions clinging to an area or an object (from past visitations); ability to recognize these vibrations for what they are and act accordingly;"1


"(French, "clear sensation or feeling") to perceive information by a "feeling within the whole body" without any outer stimuli related to this feeling or information; 1. a non-thought bypasses the process of thinking by bringing through information one did not know before, logically think out, or reason with; an "inner" knowing that the psychic information is true or should be followed; happens spontaneously, is willed or un-willed; 2. information comes from the super conscious mind, with or without the help of the etheric world intelligences;"  "Clairsentient:- one who perceives, intentionally or unintentionally, information through a feeling... throughout the entire body; interpret its meaning.....information.... proves to be correct;"1


"(French, "clear vision") to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes: to reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive "within the head" or "in outer space" something significant to this incarnation; eyes opened or closed; 1. to see psychically a full blown picture, part of a person or scene, an object, lights, words, colors, auras, geometrical figures, thought forms, deceased friends, living friends, animals, or etheric world intelligences, all with a message or purpose; visions are shown regarding the past, present, future, etheric realms, and in symbolic form to be interpreted by the psychic; 2. perceiving only when desired; .....  3. more easily perceived when in an alpha state, kin one;'s sanctuary, after a meditation period, or during sleep; occurs from the subconscious mind or with the help of guides;"1


"to psychically see a vision of what is happening at present beyond one's line of physical sight; distance is no barrier..."1


"to psychically see a vision of an event that has already happened or has not occurred yet; eyes may be opened or closed; seen within the head or out in space; will not be in symbolic form but an actual activity;"1


"("mediator," go between) One who serves as an instrument through which the personality of an intelligence in the etheric world can help earthlings; individual....must be desirous and capable of synchronizing with the intelligences; 2. one becomes a medium by choice; 3. once developed, medium is in control of the ertheric intelligence(s), or Guides; guide(s) relays messages back and forth and blend the two energy fields together, bringing new knowledge , psychic information, and guidance for the medium's and for other''s healing abilites, protection, and the manipulation of matter;"1

Mediumship Healing

"to serve as an instrument for an etheric world intelligence to use his or her healing skills on earthly patients; healing techniques beyond the reach of conventional medicine;...sometimes more than one etheric world intelligence works through for one healing."1

Mental Healer

"(esoteric) a Psychic practitioner...who uses their mind to aid body chemistry or attitude change in a patient, thus hastening the healing process; healer gathers together an abundance of energy, declares it to be of a healing quality, and sends it to the patient by proper wordage; healer contacts patient's wavelengths by complying with the patient's belief system and directs his or her mental energy to the aura, mind, or diseased area of patient, depending upon the disease; distance is no barrier; attitude of healer must be one of service to their fellow human beings or one of empathy...." 1

Mental Healing

"a form of psychokinesis wherein the natural electrical energy that emanates steadily from the brain is used for healing purposes; this electrical energy is intensified in the healer's brain by different methods, depending upon the healer or type of mental healing, and is then transmuted in the healer's brain to contain healing characteristics before it is sent to the patient; healing energy is directed either to the mind, diseased area, or aura of the patient where it reacts on body or mind cells; 1. healing can be instantaneous or gradual; healing is more effective if both parties are in an alpha state of consciousness; 2. distance is no barrier as to strength of healing energy; 3. diseased tissue has been medically examined and found that this energy does make changes in cell activity, aiding the body cells to normalize, so the intelligence in the cells makes the cells heal themselves;"1

Mental Mediumship Healing

"to call upon one's etheric world intelligences when sending healing to many at one time and over great distances; intelligences intercede if called upon when meditating over petition slips or a prayer list and use the healers mental energy to extend the healing beam and direct it to the correct area of the patient; intelligences also use their mental energy if necessary."1 


"1. (Greek psychiokos, "psyche, soul, or that which is mental"); (a.) (Tibet) vital or secret; (b.) sensitivity of the mind and body to subtle vibrations; (c.) (Edgar Mitchell) pertains to paranormal events and abilities that cannot be explained in terms of established physical super normal skills;  2. one whose total mind/body organization tunes into the more subtle vibrational frequencies and who is able to decipher this sensitivity for practical purposes; accomplished through strong desire, knowledge, and practice, or through birth from a past incarnation; (a) total mind / body organization requires the proper body chemistry, nervous system, glands, electromagnetic field surround, and ability to recognize unusual information impressed as non-thoughts on the mind and solar plexus processes; (b) one who can keep a neutral mind, intensify concentration a focal point, or enter an altered state of consciousness at will, as the super normal skill demands; (c) one capable of having his or her superconscious mind and subconscious mind function beyond the limits of the third-dimensional plane submitting information to the conscious mind for interpretation; (d) majority of mediums are also psychic...."1

Trance Voice

"to allow an etheric world intelligence to intervene and use one's voice organs to speak through; medium's throat is anesthetized by the intelligence, to be used as a means of amplification of the etheric world's message and knowledge to be brought to the level of the physical ear threshold;"1

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