What people are saying about Suzanne's work

Nancy Risley, creator of RYSE: Tools for Life just did a radio show with my dear friend and RYSE Graduate Barry James Dyke.  This is a beautiful presentation on RYSE and Polarity – what it does, the benefits, some RYSE History, and what had to happen to create those famous RYSE CD’s.  Very informative, fascinating,  and Nancy kindly mentions me (twice!!) and Barry states his quick testimonial on his  -before and after RYSE- life..    Barry is an author and very successful financial advisor. His radio show is called The ECONOMIC WARRIOR, and it’s archived here:   

https://www.barryjamesdyke.com/economicwarrior   and click on Nancy Risley’s photo..  get a cup of tea, or listen while you align, always while multi tasking!   Nancy talks about how we need aligning fast…  

Here is Barry’s Note about the broadcast:

On Nov 7, 2017 2:14 PM, "Barry Dyke" <info@barryjamesdyke.com> wrote:

"Want to learn how to maximize your energy and creativity, and learn how to avoid burnout which plagues the American society today? Are you ready to get started?

"If you are yearning to have a more energetic, creative and stress-free life, than you have to tune into The Economic Warrior Show hosted by Barry James Dyke on Portsmouth Community Radio 106.1 FM, Portsmouth, NH tomorrow November 8 at 12 noon EST. The show will also stream live on www.wscafm.org. and will also be archived on www.barryjamesdyke.com for your future listening.

"Our very special guest is Nancy Risley, creator and founder of the Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Nancy over several decades has pioneered RYSE therapy and meditation techniques which will just about guaranteed you a more energetic, creative and professional life. Nancy's teachings, and that of her practitioners, will help you immensely improve your focus, purpose and relaxation techniques. She is founder of Spa Tech Institute www.spatech.edu.

"From my personal testimony, I can tell you that Nancy's teachings and methodologies have vastly improve my own creative life, helping me become a best-selling author and more energetic relaxed human being. [You can find out more about my personal teacher Suzanne M. Leitschuh, RPP by visiting http://www.transformationalhealingcenter.com].

"It is a show you do not want to miss. Be sure to tune in and learn how you can increase your energy today!
For more about Nancy and Spa Tech Institute, please click on the e-card below.

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Barry J. Dyke
(603) 929-7891
(603) 929-7892

Castle Asset Management, LLC
One Park Avenue, Suite 2G
P.O.B. 95
Hampton, NH 03843-0095

More Testimonials.... 

Dear Suzanne, 
Thank you. Thank you!  

That was a HUGE amount of work yesterday, and you listened, integrated and synthesized and started healing the core of what I've been struggling with in this lifetime, and you did that in a DAY. WOW.   I'm so, so very grateful, it's too big for these simple words.  Feeling peaceful.    I'll be back to see you again.

With gratitude and love,      Catherine M.

"Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh  is a Master Healer. She heals on a core level, working through the energetic fields, in and through, the material body. She also helps break through resistance on the mental plane. I have never felt healing so powerful, and have never left a session feeling so integrated, and so incredibly GOOD. 

"Both her 'hands on' and long distant healing sessions are incredibly focused and multidimensional. The loving presence she brings to her work creates a container of deep trust, through which deep transformation can occur.

"She is without peers.”

B. R. Thetford, VT and Washington State

"Gee, I forgot how much better I feel after a clearing... Thanks..."
C.S.  Nurse 2013

RYSE: Tools for Life - Class -- January 2017

“Thank you for teaching such a complex and revealing RYSE class!  It was at the right time in my life to take it and it was exactly what I needed it to be!”   CJ

Suzanne and I first met 30 years ago! When she walked into a room, everyone noticed. She has fine tuned her skills in the years since we met, I believed in her then as I do now.

"Suzanne's energy was high then, and now it is much tuned in to the present. Her philosophy is: cut to the chase, get to the bottom of things, the reality of the situation.

"What is in your core inner being? Imagine, sitting relaxed and feeling sensations in and around yourself and your space, in the present moment. Be still, close your eyes, breathe. Suzanne leads your inner self into a clearing in the forest of life - her visit with my wife and I was a new beginning, a healing experience emotionally and physically. Suzanne's company was fun and life changing, we laughed a lot and became more aware of what it means to live in the present, and to not let the ego control mind, body, and thoughts.

"The pain that I experienced in my knee for many years is gone! I could feel the pain leaving my body under Suzanne's guidance, as I listened to her telling me to standstill and breath while she worked with her healing gift. A sudden cramp in my leg, Suzanne took care of it within minutes.The tension in my wife's neck and her TMJ - gone!

"Suzanne is a positive and vibrant being, her gift and skills alter and soothe the mind, body, and spirit. If you want the quality of your life to improve and your sense of inner peace to be rejuvenated, contact Suzanne asap! You will be amazed and thankful as she guides you to a higher level of consciousness.

You have been, and always will be, my friend."

John Roy
Sagamore Beach, Cape Cod

"I am SO MUCH BETTER now than I was before your wonderful visit.  My mind is so clear. It's more like an empty room now instead of cluttered with chaos, self talk, and repetitive tapes.   You have altered my life and its quality on a scale that is immeasurable! thank you so much for sharing yourself and your gift with us.  It is so amazing how your work has transformed my life, I enjoy driving at more leisurely pace and without aggressiveness.  Nancy Roy Sagamore Beach, MA"

After a few Individual Sessions, a River Bend Class series and RYSE I.... pretty interesting....

Hi Suzanne,

Doing Energy Alignment work has been an interest journey. I'm listening to the RYSE CD's and reading the RYSE book. The biggest thing that has happen is -- Last Thursday upon awakening I really did not want to get out of bed, wasn't feeling my best, my inner subpersonality, "Creature" like in Harry Potter, was talking to me and my chest hurt.

So I began to clear myself and all of a sudden my chest began to vibrate and I could actually feel something leave my body!! I was so surprised. I felt so much better and got out of bed to begin my day on a much better note.

I cannot wait until Sunday's RYSE II class.

Debra A. January 29, 2014

"Do you remember the joy and lightness of childhood?  How it felt to be bubbly on your feet, excited and thrilled to just wake up in the morning and wonder what new adventures waited for you that day?  I woke up this morning feeling that way due to an amazing full moon clearing with Suzanne last night.  My first clearing with Suzanne was almost ten years ago and I figured what the heck?  I never find time to meditate, so at the minimum I would at least have an hour of quiet meditation.  I wasn’t necessarily opposed; I just wasn’t a believer in miracles anymore.  Wow!  That first evening with Suzanne, I actually felt “things” moving inside my chest and abdomen.  It was the strangest sensation but liberating and healthy.  The next morning in the shower I felt like I had lost 100 pounds and I felt light and free.  A 100 pound weight was lifted off my back and shoulders.  I bubbled with joy.  It was such a strange sensation after twenty years of adult worries and responsibilities.  I actually stood in the shower making figure eights with my hips marveling at the lightness in my mid-section.  For the past ten years I have continued to meet with Suzanne.  Some years a lot and some years only a few times but I have never left disappointed.  I am now a calmer more joyful person despite the stresses of two children, a husband, job and tons of responsibilities.  When I feel life starting to wear on me and pull me down I make time to see Suzanne and get realigned, refocused and calm again.  I can’t explain the science, I can’t explain the “whys” but I know it works.  Now I can even bring myself back into alignment but I do it better and go further with Suzanne than I can do myself.  Be open and just try a visit with her and you may be amazed as well.  It has made a huge impact on my life for the better."

W. V. Thetford, VT

"Dear Suzanne,
I had a wonderful time meeting you.  Many of the things you said to me the first time we met stuck with me.  The ideas that you suggested have helped me in clearing out some of my confusion about life, goals, etc. 

I remember asking you questions about finding one's calling/path in life and how to find what is it that I would be happy doing.  Your explanation/advice for my situation was not only positive but quite different. Your perspective helped me look at the present in a different light and think differently about what it means to reach your goals in life and how to reach them.

I do believe that you have great wisdom for those lost or confused at various times in life.   I have learned from you and I am grateful to have met you. Thank you for your words. They really influenced me in the right direction."
RA, Hanover

Home, Business, Life Clearing ---

"Subject: HOUSE / Life Clearing

I was not exactly sure what to expect with a house clearing but at the very least I was hoping I could start tackling the piles of stuff that had accumulated while raising a family. I had zero motivation...guess I was stuck with a lot of emotional ties to "things"! Happily for me, I ended up with much more than that! My husband's work became more profitable...he closed a major deal that day that had been dragging on for months! And his sales people also closed fairly large accounts within a day or two of Suzanne's visit. Was it Suzanne...who cleared him and his home office even though he wasn't even there...or was it coincidence? We haven't seen anything like that since before the economic crash! Not only did our home get blessed with more money but also by the end of the day I had completed switching two rooms around (with Suzanne's help) and had whittled down many piles! A week later I'm still on a roll! My son has repainted two rooms while I am busily sorting through my piles...and what's even better I'm letting go of stuff I no longer need! I had considered hiring an organizer to help me but with Suzanne I received that and much more! I got a clearing, my house got a clearing, my husband's business was improved AND I got the motivation to get organized! It was awesome! Do it! You won't regret it!

from  Gail B"

Thanks for the clearing.  I like my house a lot better now!  I'm more content with the disarray and the clutter, and see it now as more comfortable, rather than something that needs to be fixed.  The phrase "real people living life" that you uttered as you looked at our absolutely toy-covered couch, resonates in my head from time to time.  And the house was a breeze to clean the next day!

There was also a barrier that was removed between me and (my husband).  I've felt a re-unification with him that I've felt was missing for a long time, and that I think got lost in the shuffle of life.  I feel like we're more aligned.

I also felt a personal surge of energy that I haven't felt in awhile; it feels like the vital spring energy all around me that I hadn't been able to tap into.  It's maintained itself, and I've decided that I'm "done" with fatigue and am going to stop feeling sorry for myself.
I'm glad you tended to all you needed to the other night.  I appreciated your message getting back in touch.
Thank you for all of those things!

I was hoping to come to your next full moon clearing but will be working that night.  I will look out for the next one though.

Take good care, and here's to abundance!


Home, Business, Life Clearing ---

Talk about spring cleaning! I invited Suzanne to my home to clear the home environment and really create a flow of energy to support, nurture and raise my family to the next level. Suzanne's work has helped to a create an environment that is welcoming, uplifting, safe and filled with positive, productive energy. The ritual and consult has made a difference in terms of the placement of art and furniture to the redirecting of water that used to seep through my garage floor... so in my case polarity work is significant to my thriving in terms of my mind, body, soul and home!

-gml 2013

Individual Sessions ---

My first exposure to the wonderful works of Suzanne was about 4 years ago while I was at a retreat in Vermont for “women with loved ones suffering from addiction”.  It was Halloween weekend and Suzanne walked in the door dressed as Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of OZ.   I knew from that moment something was special about this lady!

Suzanne has made me a total believer! 

#1 Over the past ten plus years I have suffered from severe Restless Legs Syndrome.   It had gotten to the point that I was avoiding many social events (no movies, theater, dining out, etc.) because in the evenings I just couldn’t sit still.  Airplanes had become impossible because I just couldn’t stay in my seat.  Finally I decided I needed to make a change and my doctor sent me for a sleep study and then to see a top neurologist in Boston.   I was given medication to help reduce the need to wiggle around to try and get comfortable.     After only a few sessions with Suzanne I could feel a huge difference and seldom feel the need to take medication to sit and relax.

# 2 Suzanne is a MIRACLE WORKER WHEN IT COMES TO ADDICTION.     I wish I could bottle her and give a splash of whatever she has to all the people I know suffering because they have a loved one with the disease of addiction.  Unlike most diseases, addiction carries shame and loneliness for all involved.   Most people feel addiction is a choice, so they are quick to judge the addict and family.   If you have a loved one suffering from the disease of addiction you know how difficult daily life gets.  Suzanne has given me an inner peace I have never had before.    She has helped me accept my addict ~ that he is in God’s hands and that whether he gets sober or not, he has a very special mission while on this earth.  When he was born, God already had his life planned. 

I’ve also brought my addict to visit Suzanne.  I was present for part of their session together.  It was almost as if God was speaking through Suzanne about his addiction.  I’m in total awe of the wisdom she has and is willing to pass along to help others. 

Over the years our family has gone to numerous counselors that insurance covered to help us deal with addiction.  Not one had the knowledge, insight or understanding of addiction to help me/us live a peaceful happy life while dealing with the hell of addiction.

I honestly don’t know if it’s the energy clearing, her wisdom or both, but Suzanne has brought me to a new level of understanding what “LIFE” is all about.

Pat (MA)

p.s.  I’m more then willing to drive 2 hours to see Suzanne ~ she is well worth my time and money for the inner peace and restful legs I have now.  Thank you, Suzanne.

Dear Suzanne,

Just wanted to email you and let you know how good I am feeling. I must admit, I was disappointed when the session was over. I didn't know what to expect, but I know I wasn't feeling that different. But after a good night's sleep, I woke up feeling brighter, no anxiety and the grey cloud that seemed to be hovering over me was gone!

Thank you so much! You are definitely a very talented and gifted woman!


Sue from E. Thetford

Just a quick tweeking -- A micro mini clearing ---

"........There is one particular evening that really distinguishes the type of influence Suzanne has had on me.  It was a warm summer night and Suzanne and I stood juxtaposed, conversing as we looked up at the Vermont sky deluged with iridescent specks cascading like sheer confetti.

"In a luxurious voice she spoke:  "Regina, that's where you are going, straight to the summit of the sky to dwell among the stars because you know exactly who you are and exactly what you want in this life." 

"In that astounding, phantasmagorical instant, my universe surreally amplified.  Her words, which strung together like pearls of a necklace, were the gates allowing me entry into an orchard of emerald and luscious faith.  They replenished and infused me with certainty and confidence.  Subsequently, I understood my core purpose on this earth."  
                                                                                                    Kid's Babysitter 

Distance Energy Work ---                  

"I want to share that I had a healing session via phone with Suzanne and can tell you, she is great! 

"She was able to effectively sense old patterns in my energy field (detailed info btw) that were unhealthy and we released them.  Viola.  It is a type of exfoliation, and one that I highly recommend:)  Spring exfoliation!
"We are truly gifts to each other when we share because often a friend can facilitate a faster healing than we can do for ourselves.  I am classifying Suzanne as a 'go to healer' for healers.
"Thank you Suzanne for your generosity!"

Susan Morgan
Mystic  Dream Center

Individual Sessions --- DREAM Work...

“I don’t have nightmares anymore.  I don’t have any stomach aches anymore.  I don’t have mean thoughts.  I’m not dwelling on 'should have’s.'  I can let go of the struggle.  I focus on my breathing and then just move on from that.  I’m not angry. I’m happier, and am looking at my life with new ideas for creating happiness.  I have nice thoughts. I have a better mood, and more options.”   


"I have had some vivid dreams, that weren't nightmares,  that seemed important, and I wanted to know what they meant.  Suzanne led me through a process that brought me some great insights of my own, so I highly recommend her for help with dreams, too."  


D. D.  Orange, NH


Group Classes and Individual Sessions ---

"Suzanne Leitschuh is no crystal waving crazy, she's the real deal! I experienced the removal of layers of sadness and fear that I had accumulated over a period of years in this lifetime and in others during both group and private sessions. What I appreciate most about Suzanne's work is that she teaches personal responsibility by guiding students through the process of self-clearing and accessing a higher level of consciousness on a daily basis. Ultimately, the work comes through her and is not about her, it is all about the client."

Susan Murphy ~ Norwich, Vermont

“Understanding and practicing Polarity has transformed my life. Working with Suzanne, my Polarity Practitioner, on an individual basis and later participating in the RYSE® class has played a significant role in the dynamics of both my personal and professional life. What I have been able to manifest in the past 14 years is beyond my wildest dreams. The work has cleansed me at every level and freed me form the bondage of my oppressive history; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, spiritually; all enhanced!

"Throughout my life I wrestled with infertility issues, over a six year intensive process traditional medicine had failed me at every turn.  I turned to Polarity to help me grieve and move beyond the emptiness I felt not being able to create my own children. With Suzanne’s guidance and counsel I began living well energetically. Through polarity I have access to all the gifts the universe. Today no more precious to me than my two children. 

"Both pregnancies are directly tied to the Polarity work I was doing, one actually manifested within 48 hours of an amazing and blessed session I attended with Suzanne.  Now I am over 50, at the top of my career in a solid 30 year relationship, with two beautiful child…. I am now peaceful and centered. I have focus and feel I am living a purposeful mission.

"The individual Polarity work brings me great energy and RYSE teaches me how to access and live in a beautiful state of alignment.  Each time I have attended a RYSE class both the energy and access are amplified in my life. I am conscious of my essence! I am a Divine Being living in a physical form on this earth.

"I encourage you to open yourself up to this level of energy work.  Suzanne is an incredible teacher, always professional, insightful, healing and a joy to be with…let her be the catalyst to your new way of living.”

-G  Hartford,VT

Individual Sessions ---

“Suzanne Leitschuh allowed me to breathe again!  “I had a heart attack 5 days prior to seeing Suzanne. I was on several different medicines, and breathing was difficult for me. Suzanne suggested that I come in for a clearing. After 2 hours, the pain in my back had lessened, and I could finally take the deep breath. I stood there in much surprise and was amazed at the power of the clearing. I can't wait to do it again next week!”

BB  Etna, NH

RYSE Classes, and Individual Sessions ---

Hi Suzanne,                                                                                                     January 29, 2014

Doing Energy Alignment work has been an interest journey. I'm listening to the RYSE CD's and reading the RYSE book. The biggest thing that has happen is -- Last Thursday upon awakening I really did not want to get out of bed, wasn't feeling my best, my inner subpersonality, "Creature" like in Harry Potter, was talking to me and my chest hurt.

So I began to clear myself and all of a sudden my chest began to vibrate and I could actually feel something leave my body!! I was so surprised. I felt so much better and got out of bed to begin my day on a much better note.
I cannot wait until Sunday's RYSE II class.

 Debra A.

"While taking the RYSE® classes, people kept telling me how great I looked.  Had I lost weight? What was I doing?  I felt as though I was lighter and taller and full of productive energy.  A couple of years later, I had severe back issues and was considering surgery since nothing else worked.  I had 2 personal sessions with Suzanne and no more back pain.  I couldn't believe it.  Suzanne, you have rejuvenated me.  Thank you!"

Sandra D. Norwich, VT

Distance Healing Work for another person, through a Distance Client

"My Dad was recently admitted to DHMC (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center).  At first the doctors felt he had a rapidly advancing form of dementia and although they have a few more tests to run, they are starting to look at some sort of mental breakdown......  
"I contacted Suzanne for some Distance Energy Work.  Here's what I sent Suzanne after her work with my family:
"It was amazing yesterday....thank you so very much :)  I just wanted to follow up with you to thank you again for everything that you did for me and my Dad.   I have seen phenomenal results and thank God my Dad is home and improving on a daily basis. I'm pleased to report that he is a new man with a new lease on life and enjoying everything...even more good news as my Mom (I believe you said she was a watcher) is actually settling down and allowing my Dad to be in control.  The two of them together are really enjoying their new life together.  So, thank you for everything you did...I truly feel in my heart and soul that you saved them :)
"So, again thank you, my friend...I truly appreciate everything you did.  Feel free to use any of what I've said for a testimonial...you deserve it."

Terri,  Middle Grove, NY

"I felt clearer, a bit less stressed, more open, good insights.  I was amazed by Suzanne's insight into my family, things I knew, but she put some things together in a different way than I had thought of them - very helpful I would definitely recommend her."

K.T. Norwich, VT

RYSE Classes ---

“Before RYSE®, I didn't know I had a life goal. I found the entire experience cleansing and life-giving. It has changed my entire outlook on life… I thoroughly enjoyed Suzanne’s method of teaching!”

J.M.L. Hartland, VT

"RYSE® is a wonderful learning experience. It provides actual tools to restore and maintain your energy systems."

Kirsten King  Thetford,  VT

“I attended classes with a great deal of skepticism and was wonderfully surprised to leave each session with deeper beliefs that I could become the person I never, ever dared to hope to be before.”

Diana C. Lebanon, NH

Moon Clearings ---

Great clearing today. THANKS!”

Sarah W. Norwich, VT

“The clearing was great!  Slept great, felt taller the next morning, and woke up ready to take on the world.  Feeling better is always at your fingertips once you can clear yourself.”

Ann F.  Alton Bay, NH 

Individual Clearings  ~~ Fertility ---

“When I first started my Polarity classes from Suzanne, I was very depressed and confused. I was dealing with 5 years of infertility and was unsure if I should keep trying, or if I should give up the thought of ever having a family. As each class progressed, I started to feel better and better. It was like someone had lifted a huge weight off my chest. The classes also made me realize that I would have a family somehow and that was what I really wanted. Polarity helped me come to terms with my situation and helped me develop a game plan to get to my goal of having a family.

“Unbelievable to my husband and I, I got pregnant naturally one month after my last class with Suzanne. I am grateful to Suzanne and Polarity. It really helped me deal with a very stressful time in my life and I believe it had a lot to do with me finally getting pregnant. Now when I start to feel stressed out I remember what I learned in Polarity class and it helps me put things into perspective. At the end of my Polarity classes I felt wonderful! Suzanne has a special gift of making you feel good about yourself.”

Janet, Lebanon, NH

“As I approached 40, at the top of my career in a solid 20 year relationship, with a beautiful child…..yet I was not peaceful and centered. I lacked focus and felt I was not following or living a purposeful mission. I began working with Suzanne, my Polarity Practitioner, on an individual basis and later participated in the RYSE® class. Understanding and practicing Polarity has transformed my life. What I have been able to manifest in the past several years is beyond my wildest dreams.

“The work has cleansed me at every level and freed me form the bondage of my oppressive history at every level; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, spiritually; all enhanced! I believe this is because I am living well energetically. I am conscious of my essence! I am a Divine Being living in a physical form on this earth. Through polarity I have access to all the gifts the universe."

G.L. Wilder, VT

Energy Work ---

”Before I had the two first clearings, I felt like I didn’t control my own life or have a say over how I reacted. Also, I constantly walked around hating myself and thinking others thought the same. Amazing how a state of mind like this can change so much, so relatively quickly.

"Now I feel like I am getting closer to 'holding my power,' keeping my mind and energy within myself and choosing my reaction toward situations – not reactions choosing me. It seems like someone took the wet, heavy blanket off my self-esteem and self- image.. I can now have a more ‘real perspective’ on who I am in my life. I just feel really light and open."

Molly - Dartmouth Student, Hanover, NH

“I have found out how to manage my energy systems, and all kinds of prosperity has come my way; new car, new house, better relationships, old negative patterns shifting… Now THAT’S results!!”

J.S. Norwich , VT

"Suzanne, I wanted to thank you for our time yesterday and give you an update as to how I am feeling. I have two feelings that I can identify. One is this strange sensation at the top of my head. (the crown chakra, right?) This morning I had the visualization of a cord connecting my head to that place I went to in space yesterday.

“The second sensation is somebody else is looking through my eyes with me. I can feel my "old self" which I call me looking out but someone else is looking out of my eyes with me. It is a really strange sensation. I am very interested in the RYSE® classes.

“Again, that "inner child" keeps emerging to try to convince me that what I am experiencing is not real because...I don't know...because all that you discussed yesterday is not documentable, proveable or maybe not even scientific, but it is hard to deny the residual sensations that I am experiencing. Thank you and I will see you again soon!

"It just felt like I had this brand new perspective along with an old one. The perception was changing how I saw the world but I could still see how I used to see the world. Now that feeling is gone and I just recognize when old feelings arise. Like you said it's hard to put into words..."

Anna H. White River Junction, VT

"It was wonderful! Thank you! I don’t know what you do, but you do it so well! My husband asked, "What happened?" Really, words are so useless in telling the story. All I know is I am feeling better, standing taller and realizing my purpose and power.  I'm in for RYSE® class.”

Rebecca Gottesman ~Artist~ White River Junction, VT

"Suzanne is one of a kind - Bold, Insightful, Authentic, Dedicated to illuminating what is true, to finding the higher road with the challenges of life, and willing to reach out to help others do the same.  I am blessed from knowing Suzanne."

Carolyn Dewey, RPP   Norwich, Vermont


“My RYSE® instruction changed many aspects of my life, but most importantly, how I view myself and myself within my world. I feel more relaxed, and in control. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to take a good look at themselves and make positive changes.”

Devon S.   Racine, Wisconsin

"If you are unable to see Suzanne personally, I highly recommend her distance energy work; it is phenomenal. I had a distance healing session several weeks ago with Suzanne, and her ability to move energy is very powerful and effective. There has been a definite shift in my energy fields and patterns of relating since my last session with her. The intention for my session was that I be connected to my highest good and to the blueprint of my life.

"I had been stuck in a behavior pattern since before mother died (June of 2000) and had been in it for so long that I didn't recognize that I was living from that place but only that I just didn't feel well connected and had totally lost the ability to have a dream (goal). This is something that I believe in very strongly and although I missed it, I just felt there wasn't anything I could do about it .

"The shift was immediate and has been improving for about the last two weeks. Additionally, there were some situations in my life that needed clearing that I lacked the motivation to deal with and I have found the energy and the willingness to deal with these and to move on. The changes as a result of the energy work weren't only immediately recognizable but the effects have been continuing."

Trish M. Fort Collins, CO