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Suzanne M. Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, BCPP    

The Happy Medium

Mission Statement

All classes, events, and sessions are designed to create community, fun, and a main stream working knowledge of the "Energetic Anatomy": Chakras, Aura, Ida and Pingala, Air Pattern and MORE.  Understanding HOW to USE these systems is as valuable as understanding Dental Hygiene. Learn how to Floss out the "Disturbances in your Force" to FEEL BETTER.

I am passionate about teaching people simple techniques that release pain and shame on every level, Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion.  These techniques support the realization of how the Energetic Anatomy creates maps.  By recognizing and unhooking from non-resourceful repetitive maps, clients self-empower by creating and choosing more joyful, healthy maps that just feel great.

These simple techniques shift awareness into lighter, more joyful, expanded states of BEING, for experiencing the self love everyone seeks.

I believe that we are "Highly Evolved, Divine Spiritual Beings, in a human form on the Earth Plane, in Meat Suits, with egos, swimming in a sea of addiction energy.  We can be surrounded by other people who have no idea what a Chakra is, and is using distressed ones to relate. We need a lot of laughter to move through all of this.

Individual Sessions for Spiritual / Archetypal Consultations often include your Natal Astrology Chart and Geno-gram.

Your Energetic Anatomy is cleared and repaired and your vibration elevates. This supports your natural evolution to move to the next level of alignment, bringing you a greater sense of expansion, relaxation, joy and clarity.  And you just feel better. 


About Suzanne

It must have been 1964, and I’d have been in the 4th grade, when I was sitting in the apple tree with another kid from the neighborhood.  We were playing a game I invented, called PDQ.  I got to ask as many Personal Dam Questions as I wanted on any topic, including, but not limited to their feelings, family relationships including darkest secrets, religion, and so much more, and they had to give me an honest answer.   I loved this game, and I was amazed that because I called it "a game" kids would actually play.  This saved me from many boring or chaotic, surface, meaningless interactions.  

“What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” he asked, catching me off guard.

            “I’m going to be a healer on every level: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions,” I said.

That just flew out of my mouth.  I grabbed a tree branch for balance, reeling. Space and time elongated. I knew in some “forever knowing” gut way that this was Truth, with simultaneous perception, as my whole lifetime “future flashed” out ahead of me, just how wounded I truly was, and how much pain, angst, suffering, and discomfort in my own skin I was IN FOR, and for so many decades ahead. I slipped into shame, and of course, judgment reared. How could I have made such a statement?  Who SAYS these kinds of things??  How arrogant, WHO did I think I was?  I felt mortified; shamed and embarrassed. 

I climbed down from the apple tree, and walked home, humiliated.  I had activated a level of shame and judgment that would undermine me and add fear and self-doubt to all my gifts and weird experiences, as they continued to appear and intensify, for many years to come.   [The movie “Sixth Sense” comes to mind.]


Happily, for over thirty years now, I have been teaching people how to become aware of, and unhook from painful thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and ideas that carry shame and fear, that foster toxic dynamics in self-perception and relationships.  I teach people how to recognize and understand how these patterns translate into the Chakras, Aura, Ida and Pingala etc., and how these repetitions create Energetic Maps of the Spirit.

Best of all, I teach people how to change the Maps to create joy, laughter, a feeling of lightness and clarity, and this is really fun. 

Language of Alignment 

People ask, "Wow, how do you DO that?" 

I was at a loss for an answer, many times, because I didn't have the language to describe what I was doing, what was happening, or how.  I wanted the org chart of divinity.  I had no idea how it all worked.  Neither did the people who were hooking up the micro-phones for me.  Many times, I just got another job, and "just stayed busy" and hoped that psychic thing just went away.  So busy, I finally lost the use of my arms for two years.  

Years of searching and training helped me to learn the language that I am trying very hard NOT to use on this website, right now. MOST people will not understand:  "I clear, balance, and align your sublime energy systems, so that you can perceive how you hold and lose your lifeforce; so that you can hold your highest frequency, and maintain your clearest multidimensional alignment, for moving out into your highest crown chakra energetics of God-consciousness, and transmuting space and time in this one now moment into full consciousness, as you fully manifest your life's highest blueprint." 

Far better to just say, "It will be so much easier spending time with the family, during the holidays, holding my alignment." 

Doing this work does make you speak differently.  It doesn't take long for clients to begin saying, "OMG, I felt that cord go in, and I held my alignment, and released it immediately!!"  

Professional Training and Certifications

REIKI Level I and II                                                       2013

APTA "Board Certified Polarity Practitioner"                 Certificate  2011 to Present

American Polarity Therapy Association                        APTA Certified, RPP 1998 to Present

State of Vermont - Register                                          The Happy Medium” 1993 to Present

Melchizedek Method Practitioner Certificate                Level I and II  2005

Polarity Realization Institute - Ipswich, MA                  RYSE® Level III Instructor        2002

                                                                                     RYSE® Level II                         2001

                                                                                     Energy Awareness Counselor   2001

                                                                                     RPP, Registered Polarity Practitioner           1997 

                                                                                     CPT, Certified Polarity Therapist                   1993

Raised two healthy, successful adults                         MOM 1994 to Present

School of Sound - Jonathan Goldman                         Sound Healing Certificate          1987

            Arlington, MA

University of Massachusetts - Amherst                        BA Education                             1977

Andover High School,  Andover, MA                                                                               1972

My greatest gift seems to be the ability to get to the very heart of the matter, and to present new perspectives for consideration, and to support folks, and the energies that come to assist us, to hold that highest frequency for your new integrations. 

Definitions, Training


"to release, flush out, or break up complexes in the subconscious mind so they do not cause problems in one's personality, life-style, or physical body; complexes are feelings of guilt, hate, anxiety, resentment, jealousy, or the clinging to old theories, standards, and life-styles; because of emotional pain when an event happened, or because of today's cultural restraint, unpleasant, unwanted emotions are repressed repeatedly; these repressed emotions grow until the are forced to surface and be put in their proper perspective; clearing is to examine unbalanced, unpleasant events, and take the (electric) charge out of them so they will dissipate and not return; one is then "clear" and the conscious mind feels free and begins a new image;"1


"1. the positive or negative state in which a system or an entity reacts to a magnetic or electrical field, and constantly seeks to balance; 2. (esoteric) everything has a positive and a negative aspect which is necessary for balance; this balancing of opposites works simultaneously with vibrations and human thought; thoughts direct it's course; (Ralph Waldo Emerson) "there is a current that knows its way"; 3. (biology) (a) vertical polarity; a human's right side is positive, his or her left side is negatitve; horizontal polairty; upper half of the juman body is positive and the lower half is negative; this applies to all organisms; (b) female gender reflects the essence of earth, receptive and respected; male gender reflects the energy of the sun; (c) (Native American, Chippewa) men represent fire and air, and women represent earth and water; special ceremonies are performed to work with these energies" 1

See the complete works of Dr. Randolph Stone - the "father" of Polarity

Polarity Balancing

"a method of healing in which touch is a gentle, manual, manipulative technique identifying specific energy points throughout the body; Polarity is a strong foundation system that accentuates and compliments all touch therapies; used to evaluate and correct system malfunctions; the practitioner moves his or her fingers over the top of the body, a little above the body, with an attempt to create an energy circuit between the patient and the practitioner to develop a polarity of electromagnetic charge; a physical relationship that allows the vital energy to pass between patient and practitioner."1

Sound and Color Healing

"to use a combination of light and sound working together in therapy of emotional problems and opening of blocks in teh body; creates energies which can harmonize many inner centerrs of the body having a different frequency;"1

1 - Definitions from The Donning International Encyclopedic Psych Dictionary by June G.Bletzer, Ph.D.

Spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spirituality refers to certain kinds of activity through which a person seeks meaning, especially a "search for the sacred". It may also refer to personal growth, blissful experience, or an encounter with one's own "inner dimension."Spiritual but not religious

Gratitude - a personal note

Discerning the source and value of any information is key. 

I am very grateful for my extensive training at the Polarity Realization Institute, in Ipswich, MA. where I studied the classic Polarity work of Dr. Randolph Stone, to RPP (Registered Polarity Practitioner) level, learning from Nancy Risley, who continues teaching her hands off, quartz healing RYSE: Tools for Life.

RYSE is just perfect for healing and teaching Energy Anatomy to groups and individuals. 

I had the additional pleasure of training with Kris Stecker, healer, teacher, business wizard and awesome player of Crystal Bowls for Sound Healing, and more; and all the other great teachers, including Pam Carlsen, RPP.

I used to say, humbly, that "Energy comes through me, not from me."  

My understanding has shifted further again. Energy is Everything: Me, You, Everywhere, Everything, All of it. The more I know, the more I know I need to know less, and just keep trusting and being present with the process of silence and the stillness of NOW consciousness...


Throughout this website, when I say, "We", I mean me, my guides, you, your guides, and the highest healing energies, much of it anonymous, and everything else, that always shows up to help us in our evolution.

One more definition:


"Transformationists: Those who realize the evolutionary change is here and have the insights to allow the information to come together in a new dimension by flowing with new ideas, new perspectives, and new theories; those who let go of the "old," regardless of personal inconveniences and goals, and still keep a cheerful outlook."1 

I have plenty of spontaneous good humor, a very direct approach, down-to-earth insights, an open mind and heart, and a willingness to keep learning, and decades of experience and observation to share.

Elevating and clearing the vibration of the energy / information you are presenting, helping you to easily and effortlessly release what no longer serves you, and assisting you to breathe in exactly what does, to give you an added sense of clarity and direction, is fun.  I feel that this format for Energy work is the most efficient way to clear away the wreckage of the past and get clear enough for your consciousness to expand into “Knowing your Forever Self.”  You will feel better, and your life transforms.  It's all good.